Soundbar vs. Speakers: Finding the Perfect Audio Solution for Your Home

The soundbars as well as speakers have their distinctive features and roles to play. Both the objects have some similarities and specifications also, and provide the overall great experience for the consumers. Many people like to have the soundbars for different reasons and one of them is that it has the latest features like Dolby Atmos, wireless connection, and minimal cords. Conversely, other individuals prefer the speakers for different audio systems and not only for TV’s as in case of the soundbars. Without a doubt, both soundbars and speakers have pros and cons, and it’s up to you what you are looking for. In this article, we’ll go through characteristics of both types that will help you decide which one is better for you.

Soundbar Vs Speakers

What Are Soundbars?

They are long rectangular bars designed for placing under the TV or wall mount nearest to the TV. Additionally, the bar has many speakers in it, and may have the built-in subwoofer. They are compact and aesthetically pleasing, and merge well with the home interior. With soundbars, there is no clutter of wires, and you can connect the bar wirelessly via wifi and Bluetooth to other smart devices.

  • Economical
  • Takes less room
  • Give better sound effects than TV speakers
  • Easy to install
  • Some bars lack surround sound
  • Lacks upgradeable options
  • Sound quality is not as effective as speakers

soundbar features

What Are Speakers?

The traditional home speakers have an amplifier or receiver, and as a result they produce enormous surround sound effects. They are basically older than soundbars, and are largest in size and take maximum space. One of the best features of the speakers is that they give the premium sounds, and you can upgrade it to your will. However, some can find it out of the budget.

  • Superior sound quality with true sound effect.
  • Customization options as per your taste.
  • Best possible sound surround effects.
  • Made with good material which can last for a long lifetime.
  • Bulky
  • Cords meshwork
  • Complicated installation

speakers features

Properties And Differentiation Of Soundbars And Speakers

Let’s discuss briefly what the bar and speakers have to offer, and what best suits your interest.


The soundbars are ideal when it comes to sizes. These are thin, long bars and can be adjusted well in your room without taking much of your space. They are stylish, and fit perfectly below the TV, or you can mount it on the wall. Whereas, you are free to set the bar anywhere in the room, and it can be transported anywhere considering its light size.

Unlike, the speakers are larger with a meshwork of wire, and they can take more room than necessary. Nowadays, the majority of folks prefer the soundbars because of the compact and sleek structure.

Budget Friendly

Mostly, the soundbars are cheaper as compared to the speakers. Usually the price of the soundbars is reasonable, and it is the starting price of many speakers. But when you go to buy the speakers, the prices are sky high as you need a separate AV receiver for this which costs you extra. So, if you are tight on money, then soundbars can be your bet.

Sound Quality

The soundbars deliver a good quality sound when compared with the TV speakers. It has many latest tech features like, Dolby Atmos, room correction, voice enhancement, different modes. Many tech nerds would go for the soundbars for making their home a theater. Nevertheless, the traditional speakers emerge with a solid voice from its huge body and fills your room with the finest notes in the home theater. Moreover, the speakers give the premium vocals, which is an audiophile’s dream.

Surround Sound

The big speakers can be placed anywhere in your place and you’ll still hear the classic and massive sounds from every direction. This is the beauty of the traditional home speakers, and they are above the soundbars in overall voice production. The sound surround from speakers is just unmatchable, and magnifies your listening experience to the next level. On the other hand, soundbars rarely have the best surround sound when they are the most expensive.

Installation Process

Installation is one of the crucial factors that many people notice when they see the audio devices. Let’s dive into the installation process of soundbar and speaker. The traditional speakers are bulky with lots of wiring. Firstly, you have to connect the speakers to the AV receiver and then connect it to the TV. So, there is a lot of mess of cords and connections which could be quite tiring.

Apart from this, the soundbars can be directly linked with the TV without the need to be associated with an AV receiver. Particularly, there are two wires of soundbars i.e., power cable and connector wire. The former is to turn on the bar, whereas the latter one is to connect with the TV. In short, the soundbars win as the easy installation phenomenon.


There are many possibilities to upgrade the speaker, but this is not the case in soundbars. Soundbars can be upgraded into some other brand bars or the surround sound system, and there is nothing more you can do. Alternatively, you can personalize the speakers by adding a receiver and more speakers. You can add more and more to the traditional speakers with the passage of time.


Soundbars are quite economical, and customers get quite impressed by how many features it offers. But it is also true many bars are the priciest, and with cost the functionality also increases. The soundbar may lack in a way that if one thing in it expires, then you may need to repair the whole bar or get the new one. We can easily say that it is a great short term investment. Contrary, the traditional speakers with the AV receiver and additional speakers cost more than the soundbars. However, when we see the solid audio and body of speakers, they are far above the soundbars. In a nutshell, speakers are a great long term investment even with a little more price.

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