Best Multi Disc Blu ray & DVD Player in 2022

Although many think that DVD and Blu-ray players have moved to another era, it is increasingly those who take advantage of the offers that exist to get hold of the movies they have always wanted or that have collector editions with commentary from the director or even deleted scenes. To play your movies, there is nothing better than one of the Best Multi Disc Blu Ray & DVD Player that we have for you on this list, including many advantages, including its low prices.

Best Multi Disc Blu ray Player

If you want the best player in the world or just a device that plays all the streaming content you want, these are your best options, selected for price quality. There are some pretty cheap blu-ray players.

Best Multi Disc Blu ray Player

Blu-ray changers are not worth the money! It only takes a few seconds to turn a Blu-ray player disc into a single disc. Blu-ray converters are big, bulky, and usually expensive. We review the best multi-disc blu ray players according to their design, features, and Pros/Cons.

Sony BDP CX960 400 Disc Blu-ray Disc Player

The most fantastic thing about Sony BDP CX 960 blu-ray disc mega changer is that you can store and play 400 blu-ray disc movies. Now you may be thinking to yourself, and I don’t have 400 blu-ray discs. Most people don’t; however, you probably do have an extensive collection of movies for trips. You’ve amassed over the years and DVDs, so this really could be for you the ultimate in-home movie, music, and media organization.

Sony BDP CX960 review

You can finally free up valuable shelf space and access your entire collection all in one convenient spot. In addition to storing and playing up to 400 discs, the BDP cx-9 60 offers all of a fully-featured Blu-ray disc player’s capabilities, including Full HD 1080p video output. That is why blu-ray disc players were invented. You’re also getting HD audio support, BD-Live access, and the ability to upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality over an HDMI connection.


  • The User interface is straightforward in which you sort, search by title/cast, and more and to find the movie TV show or Albums quickly
  • This Blu-ray disc player supports both internal decoding and bitstream output of enhanced audio codecs, including Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master audio
  • Provide you Network updates
  • A built-in USB port that lets you connect to your USB storage devices like your favorite external hard drive
We Liked
  • Store and Play upto 400 DVD and Blu Ray Dics
  • Full HD 1080p video output
  • Built-in USB Port
We Disliked
  • Costly
  • Disc Loading Problem

Sony BDP CX7000ES 400 Blu-ray Disc Player

I’ve always been interested in the idea of ​​a movie server. The ability to pull titles from OSD rather than search my extensive library is a kind of science fiction. Just like the idea of ​​bringing an entire film into something the size of an amusement park. Thanks to products like the Sony BDP-CX7000ES, fantastic is now a reality. It’s a shame that traditional media servers are expensive and don’t support even the best Blu-rays. Sony’s answer to this is the mega disc changer CX7000ES.

Sony BDP CX7000ES review

The physical connection of the BDP-CX7000ES is straightforward and does not differ from any other modern Blu-ray player. Multiple devices must be connected in the same way as there is no possibility to switch. To evaluate analog functionality, I joined an analog stereo output to my stereo system and a 5.1 analog output to my theater system. However, before you can think about making this connection, you need to find a suitable place for the player. At 31 pounds, the BDP-CX7000ES is no problem for a well-made audio/video stand but can be a challenge for a fragile rack system.


  • Capable of CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Discs
  • 1080p video quality with lossless audio support
  • HDMI player and component video output can be controlled simultaneously (video output is limited to 1080i), allowing flexibility in video distribution.
  • This player support 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p video resolutions
We Liked
  • HD Video Quality (1920×1080)
  • DVD Upscaling
  • Built-in USB port
We Disliked
  • Expensive
  • Lacks of features

Final Words:

We don’t have further information about the best multi-disc blu ray player. Due to a lack of user interest, most companies stop working on these products. Let us know if you know the multi-disc blu ray player in the comment sections.

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