Best Soundbar With Multiple HDMI Inputs in 2023

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In today’s modern world, there is a growing demand for stylish and high-performing smart devices. A soundbar is an excellent solution for enhancing your audio experience while watching your favorite shows. However, what if you need to connect multiple devices simultaneously? Look no further than a soundbar equipped with multiple HDMI inputs—a truly innovative concept.


best soundbar with multiple hdmi inputs

This revolutionary technology allows you to effortlessly connect all your multimedia devices, including game consoles and DVD players, to a single, sleek, and compact soundbar. Say goodbye to the tangled mess of wires and embrace a hassle-free way of enjoying your music. Whether you’re indulging in the latest blockbuster or immersing yourself in a thrilling video game, this soundbar is the ultimate audio enhancement solution for your entertainment setup. Some standard and top-rated soundbar with multiple hdmi outputs that enhance your experience are given below:

Polk Audio MagniFi 2:

Polk Audio MagniFi 2 - HDMI Ports

Dimensions: 40 x 19.5 x 15 inches | Input: HDMI (3) USB, Optical/Auxiliary, Ethernet | Output: HDMI | Channel: 5.1 | Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast | Other Speakers: SubwooferWeight: 28.4 lbs
  • Small & Compact
  • Easy to Setup
  • Multi-room compatibility
  • Voice Assistance
  • Remote can be better
  • HDMI cables have low durability

The Polk Audio MagniFi 2 is the ultimate soundbar that combines immersive audio with multiple HDMI inputs. It enhances your audio experience for movies, music, and video games.

Featuring a stylish and simple design, the Polk Audio MagniFi 2 is both sleek and user-friendly. Enjoy exceptional sound when watching TV shows, movies, or listening to music with this powerful soundbar.

The sound quality of the Polk Audio MagniFi 2 is truly outstanding. Equipped with powerful Dolby Digital decoding and patented Voice Adjust technology, every line of dialogue, explosion, and musical note comes to life with remarkable clarity and precision. Immerse yourself in a new level of audio, feeling fully engaged in the action.

What sets the MagniFi 2 apart from other soundbars is its meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. The slim and compact body seamlessly fits into any living room, while the wireless subwoofer delivers deep, thunderous bass that fills the room, creating a rich and dynamic sound experience. With its user-friendly remote control and built-in Google Chromecast, the MagniFi 2 offers a comprehensive all-in-one entertainment solution.

Sony HT-A7000:

sony sound bar with multiple hdmi inputs

Dimensions: 53.5 x 7.75 x 8.81 inches | Input: HDMI (2) USB| Output: HDMI | Channel: 7.1.2 | Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast | Other Speakers: NoneWeight: 19.18 lbs
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • 360 Spatial Sound Mapping
  • Costly
  • UI is clunky

The days of constantly switching cables or searching for the right input source are long gone due to Sony HT-A7000. The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar offers a seamless and hassle-free connection, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality audio.

With its impressive power, convenience, and simplicity, the Sony HT-A7000 delivers an immersive experience. Featuring a 7.1.2 channel configuration and 500W output, it brings the comfort of a movie theater to your living room. Utilizing cutting-edge audio technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, this soundbar creates a multidimensional audio environment, filling the room with breathtaking sound from all sides.

Upgrade your audio system instantly with the Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W soundbar. It provides adaptability, excellent sound quality, and the convenience of multiple HDMI inputs, making it the ideal option for those seeking captivating audio.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4:

Nakamichi Shockwave Pro 7.1.4 Channel 600W

Dimensions: 3 x 45.5 x 3.6 inches | Input: 1 HDMI ARC, 3 HDMI, 1 Optical, 1 Coaxial | Output: HDMI, USB Type A | Channel: 7.1.4 | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Other Speakers: 2 Speaker, 1 Subwoofer | Weight: 48.9 lbs
  • True 360° Cinema Surround
  • Easy Setup & Connectivity
  • Wireless subwoofer & rear speakers
  • Lack of eARC
  • Sometime firmware cause problem

This state-of-the-art soundbar offers excellent sound quality and multiple HDMI inputs, making it a flexible option for all your audio needs. It guarantees seamless connectivity and easy access to your preferred audio content, whether you’re watching movies, gaming, or streaming music.

The Nakamichi Shockwave Pro envelops you in a rich, detailed audio experience with its 7.1.4 channel configuration. Its upward-firing speakers and Dolby Atmos technology deliver three-dimensional sound, allowing you to hear every whisper, explosion, and musical note with stunning clarity. With 600W power output, this soundbar ensures strong and dynamic sound reproduction, bringing a theater-like experience to your home.

Adjusting settings, personalizing audio profiles, and perfecting the sound is easy with its user-friendly interface and extensive remote control. This soundbar offers flexibility to tailor the audio output to your preferences, whether you prefer clear highs, deep bass response, or a balanced sound signature.

JBL Bar 5.1:

JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar

Dimensions: 15.04 x 43.5 x 19.21 inches | Input: HDMI , Optical Audio | Output: HDMI, USB Type A | Channel: 5.1 | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Other Speakers: 1 Subwoofer | Weight: 29.7 lbs
  • Easy setup and use
  • Mutiple Connectivity
  • Cost Effective
  • No support for ARC or eARC
  • No voice control

The JBL Bar 5.1 eliminates the hassle of cable switching, providing a seamless audio experience. With Dolby Digital and JBL Surround Sound technology, this soundbar creates a cinematic atmosphere in your living room, delivering immersive, room-filling audio.

Experience explosive sound that feels real and crystal-clear conversations with the wireless subwoofer, adding depth and richness to every moment. Whether you’re watching movies, playing video games, or listening to music, the JBL Bar 5.1 enhances your overall enjoyment.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the JBL Bar 5.1 offers exceptional sound quality and versatile connectivity options. Easily switch audio modes, adjust volume, and navigate through your favorite content using the included remote control. With its sleek design and premium build quality, this soundbar adds a touch of elegance to any home theater setup.


samsung soundbar with multiple hdmi inputs

Dimensions: 5.4 x 48.5 x 2.7 inches | Input: HDMI | Output: HDMI | Channels: 11.1.4 | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi | Other Speakers: 1 Subwoofer, 2 Speakers | Weight: 44.3 lbs
  • Sleek design
  • Alexa Control
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Expensive
  • Certain features require a Samsung TV

This incredible audio system brings the movie theater experience right into your living room, delivering an immersive audio experience that will leave you astounded. The HW-Q950A is a true game-changer, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and stylish design.

The 11.1.4 channel system comprises 20 speakers, including upward-firing and side-firing units, ensuring an astonishing audio experience. With sound coming from all directions, this setup provides a three-dimensional audio experience that completely immerses you in the action. Every sound, from whispers to explosions, is faithfully reproduced, allowing you to hear every detail with absolute clarity.

This Samsung soundbar takes immersion to a whole new level, supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It intelligently analyzes and optimizes audio tracks in real-time, offering a dynamic and lifelike audio experience. Whether you’re streaming your favorite music, playing games, or watching a movie, the HW-Q950A will transport you to another world.

Buying Guide About Soundbar With Multiple HDMI Inputs:

When choosing a soundbar with multiple HDMI inputs to enhance your audio and entertainment experience, several factors deserve consideration. This comprehensive buying guide provides valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

1. HDMI Input Options

Ensure the soundbar supports HDMI 2.1, the latest version that provides higher bandwidth for improved audio and video quality. Look for Audio Return Channel (ARC) support, allowing audio signals to be sent from your TV to the soundbar without an additional audio cable.

2. Compatibility and Connectivity

Check the soundbar’s compatibility with other devices and your TV. Ensure it supports the audio codecs and formats you need, such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. For wireless streaming from your mobile devices, consider Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity options.

3. Assessing Audio Performance

Evaluate the soundbar’s audio performance based on power output, frequency response, and the number of channels. Generally, higher power output and a wider frequency response result in louder and more detailed sound reproduction. For a realistic surround sound experience, consider multichannel soundbars with 3.1 or 5.1 channels.

4. Size and Design

Consider the dimensions and design of the soundbar to ensure a perfect fit in your living space. Pay close attention to the dimensions, especially if you plan to mount it on the wall. Opt for a sleek and simple design that complements your TV setup and enhances the overall look of your entertainment space.

5. Additional Features

Look for supplementary features that enhance usability and convenience, such as a remote control, smartphone app integration, voice control compatibility (e.g., with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), and built-in equalizers for customized sound settings.


Do Soundbars Have Multiple HDMI Inputs?

Some soundbars provide multiple HDMI inputs, accommodating gaming consoles, 4k Blu-ray players, and streaming devices, others may have only one or none at all. Examining the specifications of your desired soundbar is vital to determine its HDMI input capabilities.

Soundbars with multiple HDMI inputs bring added convenience to your audio setup. With these inputs, you can seamlessly switch between different audio sources without the need to constantly unplug and reconnect cables. This feature eliminates the hassle and allows for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Why Do Soundbars Have Multiple HDMI Ports?

One of the main reasons for including multiple HDMI ports in soundbars is to provide users with convenience and flexibility in connecting multiple devices simultaneously. Having multiple HDMI ports allows easy switching between different audio sources without constant cable swapping. This feature saves time and effort, ensuring a seamless enjoyment of favorite content.

Furthermore, soundbars with multiple HDMI ports often support advanced features such as ARC (Audio Return Channel) and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), facilitating streamlined connectivity and control between your TV and audio system.

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