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Best NDS Emulator for PC | Best of Windows, Mac and Linux

best Nintendo 3ds emulators for pc

Are you a fan of the Nintendo 3ds game? But unfortunately, you don’t have a console to play their games. After installing one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulators for pc in the list below. You have full control over the Nintendo 3DS game and can play it on Android, PC, Mac, etc.

best Nintendo 3ds emulators for pc

DS is one of the most common things today. From 360-degree movies and videos to games, DS quickly dominates the platform because of its selective approach. Given the bright future of this platform, Nintendo is working hard to name itself with DS games. In the end, they did the work. Nintendo DS games have become one of the most popular games today. With their first introduction to the DS game console, they have taken another critical step on the platform.

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Best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC

Now that every player is not able to afford the Nintendo DS game console, another way to play games is in high demand. To this day, Android devices and computers are the cheapest things to play. Most players like to combine this device with a Nintendo DS game emulator.

In this article, you will find out the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC, Mac, and Linux, with which you can play 3ds games for free. The emulator is a type of software that clones the operating system of other devices and can run it on various methods such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So, What’s the best DS emulator for PC? and How do you get DS emulators on PC? Let get started;

Citra 3Ds EmulatorBest DS Emulator for PC

Citra 3Ds is one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulators for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is the most popular open-source and user-friendly emulator on the market. This emulator has almost no bugs and is very stable. The developer of the Nintendo 3ds emulator is working hard to improve it further.

Citra 3Ds Emulator - Best DS Emulator for PC

It is designed to run a program on a specific device for other devices. As one of the most reliable emulators, it offers a very user-friendly interface that can be easily used by new users. Accessing Nintendo 3D games from your computer makes emulators even easier.



  • Available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and also for Android devices
  • Download for free
  • Open Source
  • Resolution can be to 4k
  • Multiplayer support
  • The developers still working on it

DeSmuMeBest Drastic DS Emulator for Linux

DeSmuMe is one of the most reliable and functional computer emulators from the Nintendo DS and is known as the first emulator that can run commercial games on a computer system. It is a free tool that includes better performance, constant stability, and ease of use.

DeSmuMe - Best Drastic DS Emulator for Linux

DeSmuME is a free emulator and known as the best ds emulator for Linux. You can play commercial and valuable games in this regard. The latest version (0.9.11) of DeSmuMe was released on April 15, 2015. It is effortless to use, and the developer has also published a manual on its official website. They also have a forum where you can ask questions and post bugs.


  • Windows Vista SP2 or later, Mac OS X v10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later, Any recent Linux distribution with a 2.6 kernel
  • 3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • 2 GB RAM


  • Available in 32 bit or 64 bit
  • Developer Support
  • Free and Easy to use

No$GBA – Best GBA Emulator for PC

No $ GBA is free software, but now, with the latest update in July 2017, you have to pay a few dollars around $ 2.5 to use this Nintendo 3ds emulator. What I found was very cheap. It is another best GameBoy Advance emulator for your computer, which is very practical with extended access to DS Lite, DS, and Game Boy.

No$GBA - Best GBA Emulator for PC

It is a computer emulator for Nintendo DS / Game Boy Advance, the best 3D emulators because of the latest updates. The developer is still working on it. You can download free emulators available for all versions of the Windows operating system. There is also a paid version that you like if you want to access advanced features. It also supports multi-player GBA games.


  • Windows 7 or better
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1.2 GHz Processor


  • Support Multiplayer
  • Free
  • Fastest working GBA emulator
  • The developers still working on it

iDeaS – Top Nintendo DS Emulator for PC

We cannot close the list of the best Nintendo DS emulators for this PC without mentioning the iDeaS emulator for apparent reasons. If you always want to play DS games and commercial games like Pokemon Diamond, Super Mario 64DS, and Pokemon Pearl, this is the perfect tool for your computer.

iDeaS - Top Nintendo DS Emulator for PC


  • Windows 98 SE or greater


  • Support Dual Screen
  • Free
  • ROMs are compatible in PME, BIN and NDS format

NeonDS – Best DS Emulator for Windows

For Windows, NeonDS is also an emulator that is useful for Nintendo DS games. The emulator works very well with commercial games but is not recommended for all types of DS games. This works well with several trading games. It’s lightweight software, which means it doesn’t take up much space. The current version of this 3ds emulator is (0.2.1) and was last updated in 2011. The bug has not been updated yet, But this works well on Windows XP and Vista.

NeonDS - Best DS Emulator for Windows

R4 3DS Emulator

The R4 3DS emulator is specially developed for game developers to test their computer games. The main disadvantage of this emulator is that you cannot play newer games. But it works well for old games. Maybe you can solve this problem in the next version of the R4 3DS emulator.

best 3ds emulator for pc


TronDS is not a very popular 3ds emulator. Because it hasn’t been updated in a long time, it was developed in 2014, and the latest update is 2015 (Ver1.0.0.5). Because of its instability, this is not a better 3ds emulator. And you can’t play all Nintendo 3ds games except homebrew.

TronDS - fastest nds emulator for pc


3DMOO is an open-source program developed by the Experience DS developer. Suitable for Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, it is not currently available for download. But you can find it here on Github. The program often crashes due to several errors.

3DMOO - best pc nds emulator


DS is an entirely new thing for many of us. While millions of people have fun with DS, not everyone can pay for DS game consoles or DS media players. However, this best Nintendo DS emulator only decodes and makes the DS universe accessible to everyone.

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