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8 Best Audiobooks Sites | Download Millions of free Audiobooks

Best free Audiobooks Websites

In the cars, morning jogging, showers, etc., there are dozens of rooms where audiobooks are a beneficial alternative for those who love books, but somehow we didn’t get the chance to enjoy reading their contents. So, Where can you find the best free audiobooks to listen to or download from the internet? The spread of books in audio format is increasing rapidly. With the constant development of smartphones and internet connections, it is now possible to listen to a good book on the go.

Best free Audiobooks Websites

The latest audiobook offer has taken hold of major online bookstores. Hundreds of free audiobooks can be found online for free writing. Almost everyone is involved in e-book mode, regardless of whether they are reading it from a tablet, smartphone, or even an e-book reader. Not only is it a more comfortable way to read your favorite book, but it’s also a much cheaper way to enjoy a variety of classic and contemporary works.

What is an Audiobook?

You may not have heard of how to enjoy a book like this. An audiobook is just a book in audio format. It is a simple way to access content without reading. It could be one or more voices that sometimes represent the characters in the book. These voices are made by the same author, voice actor, or producer who narrates the book to a hobby.

What is an Audiobook?

Audiobooks can have many uses beyond just playing book content. For example, many language courses recommend using this method to train and improve hearing in understanding a new language. An exciting feature of audiobooks is that, apart from storytelling, they can also include music and sound effects that help the listener immerse themselves in the story that is different from that achieved by reading the book.

Best free Audiobooks Sites

Apart from their cheaper format, free eBooks are elementary to find on the internet, especially those already in the public domain. So they are offered to readers for free if you want to find out more about the best sites to download books for free, check out our list below!

Open LibraryBest free Audiobooks Website

The Open Library is one of the best choices for those looking to download books for free as the virtual library contains more than 1 million ebooks. All of these books are in the public domain, so you can be sure you’ll find lots of classics there.

Open Library - Best free Audiobooks Website

You can download these audiobooks in a variety of popular formats to read and listen to in an ebook reader or on your mobile device. Also, if you want, you can check all the books online without downloading them.

Loyal BooksMost Popular Audiobooks Site

Loyal Books offers more than 7,000 free audiobooks and paid title testimonials at popular stores such as Audible.com. Many languages, diagrams, quick genre selection, and detailed descriptions for each audiobook are part of your repertoire.

Loyal Books - Most Popular Audiobooks Site

Loyal Books offers hundreds of free books, but they also have tons of audiobooks in their virtual library. Traditional books can be downloaded in accessible formats (EPUB or MOBI), and audiobooks are available as MP3 files. This website contains some classic works by well-known authors, mostly in the public domain. The great thing is that you can find lots of books in multiple languages ​, which is advantageous to other sites on our list.

Project GutenbergBest Ebooks/Audiobook Download Sites

The Gutenberg Project is perhaps one of the most well-known sites for downloading free books. Interestingly, this site has around 60,000 different titles, a relatively small compared to the Open Library. Most of these books are also in the public domain and belong to the most diverse literary genres, which guarantees wide diversity for their users. You can download these books in various formats.

Project Gutenberg - Best Ebooks and Audiobook Download Sites

In the English version of the site you will find two categories containing many titles:

Internet ArchiveBest Audiobooks Site with Multiple Narrators

The website Archive.org offers visitors to access the audiobooks and recorded poetry utterly free of cost. It is a vast library of audiobooks with all kinds of digital and MP3 recordings for users to enjoy on their devices.

Internet Archive - Best Audiobooks Site with Multiple Narrators

On this website, you will find audiobooks in Spanish and English. It’s easy to find the most famous works in each of these languages. To filter by style, open the book collection and scroll to the languages ​​section on the left sidebar and select the language in which you want to listen to the book in question.


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good audiobook without worrying about anything. Just open the site and enjoy the story. This is the promise of LibriVox, which offers audiobooks to its users in the public domain. Many classics can be found in English and Spanish. Most of the books are narrated by professionals, but in other cases, there is volunteer work.


By accessing the website, you can choose to read, volunteer, or listen to books cataloged. By accessing the catalog, you can search in a search engine or use it to find specific jobs in your database. You can search by author, title, or even by the narrator.

BookboonBest Audiobooks Site for Students

Bookboon has very different from the other sites we present on this list. Rather than just offering novels or short stories, this site has a lot of academic books, which are very useful for students.

Bookboon - Best Audiobooks Site for Students

You can find hundreds of e-books for free, but they can only be downloaded in PDF format. Apart from that, you can use this platform for free, but you can also choose a premium subscription to remove ads and access more works.

AudibleBest Paid Audiobooks Website

Audible, an Amazon company, offers a complete service for audiobooks with significant Spanish and English content. The website itself is paid, but fortunately, you can enjoy all the platform content for free with an Amazon Prime subscription. It means that the content can also be accessed by accessing the free trial version of Amazon Prime.

Audible - Best Paid Audiobooks Website

However, once the 14 day trial period ends, they will have to decide whether you want to pay for your Prime subscription or no longer want to access all the benefits the platform has to offer.


Lit2Go is one of the most well-known sites where you can download free audiobooks in Shakespeare’s language. It allows an extensive collection of free stories and poetry in MP3 format, which can be downloaded without registering on its website.


Audiobooks can filter by the various collections available on the Internet, author, genre, or level of difficulty of the language. The last parameter is based on the level of Flesch-Kincaid and ranges from 1 to 12 levels depending on the difficulty level.

How do you listen to Audiobooks?

The audiobook format is not a new element at all. It was something that had worked for a long time. Years ago, recordings were made on cassettes and other formats, so a recording device was needed to listen. All you have to do is use MP3, MP4, or even cell phones.

Audiobook files are usually in an audio format, so any device that supports these files can play them. All you have to do is open the file in an audio or music player. Within seconds, you play the narrator’s voice of the book you want to enjoy.

Final Words

The internet is the ideal place where you can download both free and paid audiobooks. There’s no doubt that the internet is the best place to browse if you’re looking to find free audiobooks. After all, almost all existing content is more or less challenging to find on the web. However, when you know where to look, it’s much easier to find specific works. I hope it helps you discover the world of audiobooks. If you know other addresses or tips for enjoying audiobooks, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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